1.  Communicate with them.  Return email's and phone calls.
It is sometimes difficult for pastors to talk to missionaries when the church schedule is full or funds are very tight. It is much preferable for the missionary to know that your church is unavailable for missions services than for the missionary to continue trying to contact the local church.

2.  Be prepared with an honorarium or an offering check to send with them at the end of the service.

Many well-wishing pastors promise to get the offering counted and a check in the mail. Too often it falls through the cracks forcing the missionary to absorb all the expenses associated with travelling to and from the service driving their account deeper into the red and sometimes leaving them with no cash to continue operating.

Some pastors prefer to send the check directly to the missionary's account in Springfield. While this helps his work account it can create problems for him locally as he has to wait at least a month to be reimbursed for his travel related expenses. 

3.  Inquire into the missionaries needs such as housing for an evening as missionaries sometimes travel long distances from home.

4.  Avoid cancelling services if at all possible.  It typically takes 15-20 phone calls to reach a single pastor.  Contacting a pastor who can fit you in at the last minute to fill in for a cancelled service is sometimes impossible.

5.  Offer the missionary a time of hospitality.  Missionaries love to spend time with pastors over a meal or a cup of coffee.  Long term relationships are not formed during a service, but during fellowship.



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