Just the mention of this small East African country evokes images of the horror of genocide. During a 100 day period 1 million Rwandans were murdered. At the end of the genocide there were only 3 AG churches left in the country. Now, 20 years later, there are 170!

Most of these buildings are made from mud and sticks. The government has declared that these churches are unsafe and that they must be replaced with brick buildings or bulldozed and the land forfeited.

A new brick church can be built for only $10,000. We would like to build 75 new brick churches in 2016.

Build & Dedicate a Rwandan Church

Your church can sponsor the construction of a new brick sanctuary for a Rwandan congregation.

COST: $10,000

You can preach the dedication service upon completion of the new building.

COST: $2500*

*Approximate cost per person; includes travel, hotel, food, Genocide Memorial tour, and an overnight Safari.







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