Our PROJECT is to resurrect AGBC Bible School
in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Pandemic! Global Inflation! Cultural Upheaval! 

The church in Bangladesh has not been immune to these global phenomena. As leaders pray for revival and a new generation of church planters, their only Bible college has lain dormant for the past three years. The very institution, upon which rests the hope of the Bangladesh church, needs a revival of its own. Students have already applied for a limited number of scholarships to begin their training to become a church planter. But the campus must be renovated.  Dorms,   apartments for staff and married students,    a chapel, administration offices,  and shoring up the electrical infrastructure, must be addressed.

Assemblies of God Bible College, Dhaka

AGWM Project # 11095

The Goal: $644,000

These costs will include:

Chapel Renovation                    $30,000

Dormitories/Apartments            $15,000 each ($150,000)

Computer Lab & Librarry        $10,000 each ($20,000)

Classroom & Office        $8,000 each ($24,000)

Six Trimesters Curriculum        $7,500 each ($45,000)

Infrastructure Repairs         $5,000 each ($100,000)

3-Year Scholarships        $1,000 each ($100,000)

Expansion         $2,500 each ($175,000)

  Total Cost                                    $644,000


All budget amounts are estimates at time of project design.Marketing and management expenses are included in total.







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