The Peninsular Florida District protocol establishes that our District will be a by-invitation-only District. Out of district missionaries should not be contacting our Pen Florida District churches unless they have an existing relationship with the church and pastor. Any non Pen Florida missionary coming to our District for a service with a previous relationship pastor should contact the District World Missions Director prior to entering the state. Out of district missionaries should not contact additional churches for their time in Florida.

Non Pen Florida missionary coming to our District for a service with a previous relationship pastor are also required to submit to the District 5% of their offering.

Every winter, out of district missionaries, contact our district churches, attempting to schedule services. There are two very good reasons for this. First, Pen Florida is the nation's number one missions giving District. Secondly, who wouldn't like to visit Florida in the winter! This massive wave of out of district missionaries can fill up churches' calendars, leaving little room for our own District missionaries.

Pen Florida makes a commitment to the Assemblies of God World Missions to fund every approved missionary in our district. This funding comes through our local churches. Thus we have adopted the policy of funding our own missionaries first.


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