1.  Individuals who desire to become Missionary Associates begin their journey through a contact.  Sometimes a church, a leader, or a missionary.  These individuals should apply through the current process with HQ in Springfield, MO.
  2. APPLICATION:  After preliminary screening, the individual should receive an application from HQ.
  3. After the Applicants application along with recommendations have been received by HQ, the next process will be for the Pen Florida World Missions committee to review the application.
  4. DISTRICT ENDORSEMENT:  The PFWM Committee receives the application from HQ after it is complete and ALL recommendations have been returned.  A committee member will review the application and typically there will be either an in-person, zoom, or telephone interview.
    1. Is the applicant saved and filled with the Holy Spirit?
    2. Why does the applicant desire to serve as a Missionary Associate?
    3. What is their home church? 
      1. How long have they attended the church?
      2. How were they involved in ministry?
    4. Does the applicant understand the financial arrangements of AGWM and the MA assignment?
    5. Misc. other questions that are generated from the application or the Applicant’s bio.
    6. Process can take upwards to 6 weeks depending upon the application and the availability of a PFWM Committee member for the interview.
  5. Upon final approval of the Application by HQ along with the PFWM endorsement, the Applicant will be invited to either the Fall or Spring Pre-Field Orientation.
  6. ALL Missionary Associates will be required to attend a PFWM MA training event that will happen after the Applicant completes Pre-Field Orientation where they will learn:
    1.  PFWM MA policies and Procedures
    2. Itineration:
      1. Two Year MA s who either hold or are in the process of applying for AG credentials, can apply for authorization to itinerate within Pen Florida
      2. Two Year MA s without credentials or who have not yet enrolled in Berean or DSOM, may apply for authorization to itinerate within the churches in their Region (typically 3-5 sections.)
      3. One Year MA s are not allowed to contact pastors or churches that they do not have a previous relationship with.  These Applicants should raise their budgets from family and friends.
    3. PFWM marketing and presentation standards.
      1. ALL MA s represent PFWM in the district.
      2. Certain standards must be met in regard to:
        1. Communication with Pastors, churches, and individuals
        2. Printed materials
        3. Videos / promotional media.


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